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Welcome to Route 66 Thunderbirds

Blue T-bird in front of Route 66 Thunderbirds store.Route 66 Thunderbirds specializes in buying and selling 1956-1966 Thunderbirds and other special interest and collector cars. The business location fronts old Route 66 and is owned and operated by a retired Ford-Lincoln-Mercury dealer with over 48 years of automotive experience serving Oklahoma customers.

List your Thunderbird, Mustang, or other collector car in our extended inventory for maximum exposure at minimum cost ($56). By completing and mailing the enclosed entry form, your collector car information and pictures (2 copies) will remain in our extended inventory until sold or you advise us to remove it. Our mission is to secure a buyer(s) for your vehicle and put the buyer in contact with you, the seller. You perform the balance of negotiations with the buyer, unless you want us to be involved. Any additional fee would be based on a good-faith amount you may wish to pay Route 66 Thunderbirds for their services. If we did not perform good service or you did not sell the vehicle to the buyer we sent you, you pay no additional funds. We want to build on our satisfied customer base.

Route 66 Thunderbirds signOn-site consignments (vehicles stored in a climate controlled building that fronts Route 66 and I-40) considered but based on vehicle space and storage available. Click on the link below to view and print the extended inventory form.

Route 66 Thunderbirds Extended Inventory Form (PDF)

For vehicle transport, contact Elite Transport at 1-800-470-9904.

Note: Adobe Reader is required to view the form. If you don't have the Reader, you can download it at from Adobe's web site.Get Adobe Reader



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